LeadStal - Paid Subscription Pricing

UpStal LLC

LeadStal is a lead-generating platform to collect valid email leads from social media and business listing websites like Pinterest, and Google Maps. 

They also have tools like an Email finder, Email validator, Email Subject line generator, and Email signature generator to make your cold email marketing easier.

They have a freemium business model so You can start using them for free.

Why do you need to use LeadStal?

  1. You can create their account for Free.
  2. The fastest way to generate outbound leads
  3. Zero Email Bounces
  4. No Technical Knowledge is Necessary to use their tools.
  5. They have tools for collecting leads from multiple platforms
Unlimited Access
24/7 Support
Updates Available
$9.99 a month

LeadStal - Paid Subscription Pricing